Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Politicians

The election is just 5 days away and I am still at a loss. Not on who I will vote for but if I will vote at all.
I have sat for weeks trying to find your policies that affect me, my friends and my family.
I appreciate that you promise to strengthen medicaid and that your wife helps impoverished kids in war torn nations.
I have read that one of you doesn't know the difference between Down Syndrome and Autism. That scares me.
I read that the other wants to make sure the disabled get back to work and are integrated into society and accepted and able to get insurance that they will pay for.
What about the deeply disabled? Not the ones who slipped at the grocery store but the accident victims or the genetically condemned?
My daughter and so many children like her will not be able to work,read or write, or answer a phone. She can't sweep a floor or assemble toys. What about her? Will you make sure that she always has insurance ? What about her family of four who is forced to live on a 1 person income due to her 24 hours a day of care needed?
How about Universal Care and Universal rights? Will you address the fact that some states provide for their disabled while others do not? Are you even aware that her mother cannot get a job because there is no way she could keep one with all of her daughters appointments and therapies and illnesses? Do you know that some states will pay one parent 40 hours a week to take care of their child while so many others don't? I do not think 40 hours, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is too much to ask for a child or a person that takes care constantly. I'm talking about being fed every meal, given every drink, being bathed, carried, turned in their sleep because they are uncomfortable and not able to turn on their own when they get stuck. What about these people and their families? Are we sentenced to be poor just to keep their insurance and provide them proper loving care?
Can someone please stand up and care for us and ours first before every other nation in the world?
Can we provide universal care and universal rights for every person in every state?
These are the issues that affect me and the people I love. I am an American and I count.