Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday Blog

Princess Itchy Dress Momma and Abby
Our special Rett friend Alyssa
Kisses for Mom!

Abby's 4th birthday was last Friday the 26th. I can't believe she is 4 years old. Most people that were invited came and there were a few that had RSVP"S then didn't show. That's ok cause I ate their guacomole and their cake!

We put Abby in a halloween costume as we do every year but it didn't quite work out this time. For her 1st birthday she came as a fairy. For her second she was in traditional Czech garb that we made from a raggedy ann dress. Last year she had a purple velvet princess dress and crown. This year we apparently tried to dress her as the itchy dress princess so we changed into a tshirt and shorts before most of the people got there.

We actually had some children there this time. I am noticing that Abby has nervous issues with typical children but doesn't seem to have any issues with special kids or babies. She spent the majority of the party in my lap except when she was conning cake off her Dad or Aunt Audra. I'm pretty sure she had 3 pieces.

I was so pleased at the thought people put into her gifts this year. Books, videos, diaper pads, push button musical toys, things for her room.

I hope you enjoy the pics!

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Brooklyn said...

Sorry to hear the dress was so itchy....but you sure did look cute! We dropped a little present in the mail for you today - sorry it will be late!