Friday, October 17, 2008

Back from hospital

We took Abby to the hospital tonight. She has an ear infection and a sore throat. They did a rapid strep test because her throat is really red and has ulcers and pus pockets but it came back negative. They wouldn't give her anything for her fever because I had given her tylenol before we left the house.
When we got home her fever was back up to 103.4. She is still refusing food and very lethargic and whimpering. She is taking some pediasure but only through a medicine dropper. Like a little baby kitten. Let's hope Miss Princess doesn't get too used to that!
I almost flew over the counter at the check in nurse. I told her Abby was non verbal, has Rett Syndrome and that I had already spoken to the doc and he wanted them to check her ears and throat and she asked me if she had been complaining that her throat hurts. I repeated that she is non verbal and she said, and I quote,"Is she always non verbal?"
It never ends does it?
I'll keep you posted.
Update:530 am 104.2 coughing. Very upset. I have medicated her and am waiting to see if fever goes down.
Prayers would be appreciated.


Avery said...

Terri, I hope she feels better soon! Were her lungs clear last night? Poor baby! Keep us posted.

Brooklyn said...

How frustrating. I am proud of your for remaining calm and not reaching over the counter and smacking that nurse :)Poor sweetheart, I hope she is feeling a little better this morning - did either of you get any sleep lastnight???

Caitlyn said...

I hope she feels better soon! Just a thought...Caitlyn's rapid streps always come back negative! Then we go expose her to the world only to get a call 2 days later saying the 48 hour came back positive. I hope she comes around soon!