Friday, October 24, 2008

Abby's teachers rule!

Yesterday afternoon we had a scheduled parent teacher conference at home. I am so glad I scheduled it at home where her teachers and therapists could see Abby in her own environment.

Abby has been sick lately so she had spent most of the day curled up on the couch with The Wiggles. When her teachers walked in she looked kind of confused-as I think all children do when they realize their teachers dont live at the school and sleep under the desk. As everyone I arrived-both teachers, her OT, nurse and PT she wanted off the couch and she just walked around showing them her toys and her fish in the aquarium.

It was very comfortable. They got to see her do stuff they were not aware she could do like finding her drink on her own and drinking and standing from a sitting position on the couch.

I was very happy to hear that she is really adapting to the switches at school and that the whole class really loves to help her. Two of the kids in particular are very helpful and protective. One of them is the peer model.

I had been real upset the last few days with her being so sick I was seeing less and less from her and I was pulling my hair out over a promised fundraiser that it seems will never happen and that I have to jump through a thousand hoopes everytime we need something for her. The latest was trying to get a communicator for her at home but the therapist told me they will help with the paperwork and writing letters so I really do feel like I can breath a little. I am so glad to finally get some help.

I wish I would of taken some pics of them here. You could really see how much they love her. And her sitting on the nurses lap and cuddling really brought tears to my eyes.

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Brooklyn said...

It is such an amaazing feeling knowing that she is loved and adored at school - I am glad she got to show off a little for the mat home too - way to go Abby. I hope that they are able to help you get a communicator for home too!