Monday, September 22, 2008

My Princess and the IEP

Hello all. It is still crazy here this week with family in and out. We got a progress report on Abby's IEP. I hate those things. It does say she is making progess on some things but says she is not demonstrating object permenance. Which means when they move or cover up an object she is playing with it she doesn't look for it. It also say she will only look at or for someone who is speaking that it directly in front of her and will hit null switches when choices are present. So I think that means that if there is something by itself she will hit the right switch but if there is more than one she will hit any switch.

I wish we could afford to get her some of this stuff at home so I can work with her on it.

I am going to request an observation so I can see for myself what she is doing or not doing and maybe give them some tips or know what to try with her at home. I am also going to take an IEP class DDS is offering in October so I can better know my rights and what we can and can't do and have for her.

The picture is from the crown we bought for her birthday outfit. She wore it for hours and I just had to get a picture!

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Brooklyn said...

This picture is AWESOME, I love it!

Can you check with her school to see if maybe they could send some of the things home, maybe "sign them out" or something? Or do you have a local Lion's Club? I was just talking to someone here locally and he mentioned that they love to help out kiddos with equipment.

It could be sometimes they are boring the crap out if her asking her the same stuff and she is letting them know what she thinks about that! :)