Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Busy Busy Day

We took Abby to swim therapy this morning for the 1st time in over a month due to our vacation and then her therapist being off. It was at a different pool but she didn't seem to mind. The old one is getting a face lift.
She was thrilled as she always is when she gets to see Heather and swim. From there we had to drive over to Kansas City Kansas to the Coalition for Independence. They sell used equipt for a very discounted price and we were able to get her a pediatric commode with padding and picked out a used kid kart stroller. They need to put new wheels on it and new foot rests and we are supposed to go back for it later. We were hoping for a foldable stoller but we will take what we can get! At least her feet wont get caught up in the wheels of this one. We were hoping they would have the communicator we have on our wish list but no such luck.
After we left we had to race home, get her changed and fed. The bus was pulling up as we got out the door.
I will blog later about her bday when I can get my head screwed on straight!

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Brooklyn said...

Sounds like you got a couple of good things... that is good! I can't wait to hear about her birthday!!!