Thursday, September 25, 2008

Abbys School Party

We went to Abby's 4th birthday party at school and I am so freaken excited! Everyone was so cute and she was so happy we were there. We had cupcakes and milk and juice and Abby got to show off for us.
The teacher brought out a switch and adaptive toys and Abby was actually able to play with them. Not just sit there and watch but she played with them. I couldn't keep the smile off my face and I just wanted to bawl. Her Daddy is going to be so upset he missed it. I wish I would have brought the camcorder! I absolutely can't describe the feeling of watching her play and interact with her friends. She's usually the one that just sits there eating her hands. It was amazing. She was so proud of herself.
Here she is activating the bubble blower. She really clapped and squealed with this one.

This is just cute and she picked out the stuff to make it and her aide helped
Pretty Princess
Oh boy cupcakes!
I want more now Mommy!
Drinking from a cup-That's a new one
Acticating the bubble machine. The other kids went nuts dancing around her and popping the bubbles!


SeairaLaNae said...

Those picture were amazing! I'm so glad you she had such a great day!

Brooklyn said...

Do you get the Rett Gazette? In this issue we just received there were instructions on how to adapt a toy for $1!! I have not tired it yet but it sounds like it is not too hard and it is using one of those battery opperated "stick on" lights. Might be worth a try????