Friday, August 1, 2008

Services for disabed a joke in Missouri

Oh boy I am angry right now I don't know what all I am going to say.
Our Govenor Matt Blunt after stating in his campaign in 2004 that he was opposed to changing Medicaid in Missouri and Services for the disabled cut services to over 400,000 people.
After many months of trying to get services for my daughter through the Developmental Regional Center for Persons with Disabilities they finally showed up for our, "care plan" meeting today.
I hade all her medical records for them and her sitting right with me. I first handed the lady a booklet on Rett Syndrome and she actually said,"Oh I know what Retts is. It's caused by aspirin. If you take it while you are pregnant or give it to them as an infant."
Seriously? That is Reye's Syndrome and it is a liver disorder caused by aspirin. Then she said ,"Ok I see here that Abby is Mentally retarted and has personality disorder. WHAT?
Then she started talking about the only funds they had were for Autism children. Well duh. Rett Syndrome is on the spectrum.
Thinking they would actually help me I had a list like therapy, respite,diapers,communicater-thanks Kelly, a stroller. Big freaken deal. There are 120 people on the list in our county alone and they serve 11 counties.
Then I asked about a medicaid waiver explaining my need to work even from home and my frustration with SSI. This is the kicker. The only time a medicaid waiver becomes available in Missouri is when someone who has one dies!
I am at my wits end with the system.

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Brooklyn said...

How frustrating! The nerve of some people, I just can't even believe it! UGH! There are just no words to say that can't make you feel better about this. idiots!