Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rett Family Vacation and Slumber party

This Wednesday September 3rd Abby and I will be going on a trip to Washington and Portland. We are going to meet the Moms and their girls that have helped us through this journey the last 2 years. It has been so hard. Especially since the total abandonement by my family outside of my brother who takes my son off my hands and my Auntie and Grandmother who live too far away so see more than a few times a year. We hope to learn so much and to strengthen this bond we have formed. I am so excited to actually meet the women I truly consider my sisters. We will be spending the majority of the week with Gail and Seaira. We hope to be able to find time to visit her school and see how they work with a 10 year old with Rett Syndrome. Gail is my rock and often my voice of reason!
Tracy and Angel will be flying in on Friday. I love Tracy to death and have always felt like she was my little sis.
Jeriemarie and Daphni Jo will be coming to meet with us on Thursday and traveling to Oregon with us. I can't wait to meet these two. Daphni Jo just amazes me and me and Jeriemarie have so much in common in the husband department!
While in Oregon we will all be staying with Robyn and Nikyla. We will be doing a Mom and girls slumber party then the tour the next days. I plan on just eating this little one up!
So I will spend the next two days packing and repacking and fussing to make sure I HAVE EVERYTHING RIGHT!
Hope to talk to and hear from you all soon!!!
Terri and Abby.


Avery said...

sounds like so much fun! you will have a great time. Im sure there will be lots of laughter and smiles all the way around! and then when it is time to leave there will be tears! Take lots of pictures.

Brooklyn said...

I love that you posted pictures of the mommies and girls, they are all so beautiful! I can't wait to hear lots of stories from your trip! Have a WONDERFUL time!!!

SeairaLaNae said...

I hadn't even noticed this before, I guess I need to check out Abby's page a little more often!!
I love you girl! You know, it is wonderful for me to have someone to talk to on a regular basis and someone who totally understands! I am so grateful for you!!

Adonis said...

Happy to read about your vacation trip, hope it will be the best trip of your life.