Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just doin

Hello all. I have been waiting to post a new blog for pictures. On Saturday the kids and I had a Mom and me day and we went to lunch and the park and shopping. Kyler got some awesome tourist type pics of his sister. He got the most absolutely wonderful pics of his sister getting her 1st haircut at a salon. She laughed and giggled and squealed the whole time they were doing her hair.
Yah so too bad when he went to copy them to my computer he hit delete instead of paste!
No I didn't kill him. He was freaking out bad enough himself. So unfortunately I don't have all those wonderful pics to share with you. And since I got Abby a pixie cut and her Dad hates it it will be a while before you see and more salon shots. It's really too bad. They were priceless. Dad is convinced he can extract them from the computer but like everything else don't hold your breath. I cannot be responsible for your safety.
So this week Abby is going to school for the second week-and lovingit. She gets so excited when the bus comes she can hardly stand. I hate to see the tremors but knowing they are because she is so excited helps. I am still trying to get ready for our Rett Syndrome party in Washington. Still can't believe we are going. I am so excited.
I think I'll just add some pics her just so you can enjoy her cute little face.
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Brooklyn said...

I hope your get together is LOTS of fun!!
(and tell your husband sorry that I made him cry with my blog!!)
Love from your Buddies in Angola.....