Saturday, August 9, 2008

Abby's office

We set Abby up at the kitchen table with her own area to work at while I am on the computer behind her as she always has to be right with me. We found that this is a great place for her too while I am cooking or doing the dishes. She thought she would start out with some flirty time
We have a portable Dvd player playing her movies while she bangs away on a cordless non fuctioning keyboard.
She is sure she controls what scence plays when.
She is very happy to just sit and watch, which is better than her being underfoot with a hot stove going
Look Mom Look what I did!
Yeah for me!!!


Avery said...

she seems so HAPPY all the time. I wish avery smiled that much!

Brooklyn said...

What a beautiful smile....we love smiles :)

Brooklyn said...

I saw your comment about the skate rink. They were SO awesome. We called ahead and told them about Brooklyn and they had NO problem with us bringing her stroller. In fact, they encouraged us to bring it so she could "skate" with all the kids and welcomed us back ANY time - not just when our church rents it out. Pretty cool!