Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abby is back to school!

Big big girl!

Abby started back to school yesterday and so far is loving it. Her best Buddy from last year has moved on to Kindergarden but Abby has made a new pal already.

Abby goes to a special needs preschool and they deal with her very well. I am hoping they ALL finally see that she is in there this year.

She has a wonderful teacher and aides and therapists.

Almost time!
I am going to shool!
Oh boy Daddy we're here!
Ok Mom they said get out already!
Big big girl!

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Brooklyn said...

You ARE such a big girl Abby and we LOVE the back pack, very cool! You sure do look like you love school - be sure to show them how awesome you are! We know you are one SMART cookie!