Monday, July 14, 2008

The Wiggles

Our Miss Abby has discovered The Wiggles. I had tried in the past to introduce the wiggles to her when she was in the deepest point of her regression and she didn't have much interest. Like most things she just kinda looked at it with no response. We have been taping the episodes this week because it is on at 6am in th morning and she just goes nuts. She screams and dances in circles and smackes herself in the head. It's been off for 20 inutes and she is still running through the house screaming and laughing.
I would post pictures but you would just see a streak in front of the screen.
Hugs to you


Brooklyn said...

Oh yes....the Wiggles. THe world revolves around them here:)We are seeing them in concert for the third time this summer! :)

Of course you can use any pictures you want!

Avery said...

Terri, welcome to my world! We are taking cole to see them for the3rd time at the end of the month.

use whatever you want from me too!

Brooklyn said...

LOVE the myspace stuff....looks like I need to get a myspace account so I can comment on there too :)