Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Today Abby went swimming with her therapist Heather. Swimming is just about her favorite thing to do. You can't see from the pictures but she is the darling of the community center.

Abby says almost no words but she will say Heager Heager all the way to the pool.

She is way more responsive mentally on days that she goes, even if she is physically drained afterwards.

In the early intervention program her swim therapy was once a week. Her preschool does not offer it so we have to pay for it out of pocket so we have her going twice a month. I'd really like to have a fundraiser soon but I feel funny asking people for money.

Today while Abby swam I talked to a grandmother who had her grandaughter with Downs also having therapy. That little girl is a rock star. So friendly and functional. I had just got done talking to her about Rett Syndrome and how I so wished Abby could talk. When Abby got out of the pool and we were walking away she looked right at the woman and said BYE!

When we got home I told her father about the incident and told him I was going to the store to get some bread and she squealed and said BREAD! I wish somehow I could record everything and save those little moments. We get 4 or 5 words a year and never know when they are gonna come.
I've attached some pictures of my little swimmer.

Love to you all.


SeairaLaNae said...

Those are great pictures! I wish Seaira could go in the pool for therapy, none of our schools offer that! :o(
She looked like she was having so much fun!
I love you two!

Avery said...

great pics! That gives me hope that we might hear a word or two from Avery!

Brooklyn said...

Abby has officially been added to Brooklyn's page. We would be honored to be part of Abbys page too! Also on your MySpace - use any pictures you would like! We are one big family in my eyes!