Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday we took Abby to Childrens Mercy Hospital for an EEG. Since her tremors and eye rolling have been coming more frequently her Neuro wanted to make sure she wasn't having seizures. And with her overall blank spells and crankiness lately I was anxious to see if there is something else going on with her.

We only got about 3 hours of sleep and Miss Krabby pants woke up just as happy as could be. She ate good and played and watched TV in my bed for 3 hours before it was time to get ready. Once we got to the hospital you would have thought we had taken the girl to Disneyland or something. She giggled and squealed and clapped when we got there. She does it everytime. Yesterday I think it may have been a little more intense since we are down to one car and have been stuck in the house for months except for therapy and appointments.

She tolerated the EEG very well. She held still and smiled while they stuck all 26 electrodes to her head. It was a little harder to get her to go to sleep because she so hyped up. The glue they used nearly made me gag but she didn't seem to mind it. She had no reaction to the flashing lights at all. I had to turn my head and close my eyes. She is a trooper.

She spent the rest of the day as happy as a clam for the first time in weeks it seems. We wont have the report for a week or so but I am pretty sure everything will be normal.

Last night she got 12 and a half hours sleep and woke up Miss Krabby pants again. Darn it. If she could only tell me what it is she wants I would just wave my magic wand and make it happen! I reallydoubt what she wants is 3 hours sleep a night!

I'll keep you updated


The Vejrosta's


SeairaLaNae said...

Awww what a cute picture! I'm glad it went well and I hope you both get some rest soon!

Avery said...

maybe she is bored at home??? I know my kids get stir crazy and want to go somewhere, really anywhere.

Brooklyn said...

She looks so sweet in this picture, I am glad she did so well with the eeg!