Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday Abby had her first dental appointment. We know you are supposed to go when you are 2-3 years old but we had been putting it off. She has started to grind her front teeth pretty hard and had the tooth above her bottom eye tooth ground almost in half.

My nerves were shot before wh ever got there because I just knew she was gonna cry or they were gonna hurt her.

We sat and listened to all the instructions they give to special needs parents like: what to do if she wont sit in the chair, or keeps her hands in her mouth, or bites, or completely freaks out.

Then the dentist laid her back in the chair and said," Open your mouth Abby" and she opened real wide and my husband smirked knowing the dentist was about to lose a finger. He didn't. She sat there on her best behavior and kept her mouth open while he inspected each tooth and while they gave her the flouride treatment. She tongue thrusted the flouride when it first hit her gums but that's it. She was a total Princess. I wish we would have brought the camcorder.

Her teeth that are ground down are still in the enamel so there is no need to do any work on her right now. What a relief!

They were so amazed at how well behaved she was that I fear for them If another Rett Girl comes in. Of course they had never heard of it so they may expect them all to be this laid back. I was amazed to. She takes medical stuff pretty well because she's used to it but nobody has messed with her mouth before. She is such a trooper!

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Brooklyn said...

Yeah Abby! We keep putting it off to. If our appointment goes half as good I will be happy! Way to go!