Thursday, July 3, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


Brooklyn said...

She is SO beautiful! I was wondering if you minded if I link to her page from Broolyn's? I keep a list of "Super Cool Rett Girls" on her blog. You can check it out and then leave a comment on my blog if it is ok.
I notice a lot of familair faces on your page. Avery is actually coming up to visit tomorrow - we are so excited!

abbysworld said...

Oh wow. I have so wanted to meet you. Carrie is so excited and I am so happy she found you! I've seen your videos and lots of Pics of Brooklyn. I would be honored to be linked to her page. Can I put hers on ours?
I guess you have seen my myspace page. I would love to put a picture of Brooklyn up on it if that is ok with you.
In September we are flying to Portland for a week to meet Robyn and Nikyla, Gail and Seaira, Jerimarie and Daphni Jo, and possibly Tracy and Angel.