Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30th

Hello all. This week is Abby's last week for summer school therapy.
She will be going to the Neurologist on Friday for her yearly check up and to discuss some seizure like symptoms. We are still hopeful that it is only the Rett tremors. Her right leg is continuing to grow out and under so we have to have that addresses. We are concerned about her eyes rolling back and quite a bit of falling lately.

She has had some trouble eating so we may have to do the whole string of testing again. Oh boy.

Other than that she is Miss Happy Pants as always. I will be posting a video to my myspace page sometime today of her having a laughing fit.


SeairaLaNae said...

Nice job Terri,the page looks great!!

Teresa said...

Thank you birthday girl. Your package has been mailed!!